Organic materials have found applications in many different types of devices. Whether our customers want to produce displays, light sources, solar cells, organic transistor, thin-film batteries or encapsulation layers, our technology is guaranteed to provide benefits over conventional production methods.

OLED displays

Every display in the world generates pictures with the help of tiny pixels. Traditional LCD displays do that by sending the light coming from the back lighting unit through a color filter. However, this technological approach has some disadvantages. By creating pixels and the red, green and blue (RGB) that emit light themselves, display characteristics are vastly improved. OLED displays have much better brightness, color intensity and contrast ration.

With OVPD each color can be deposited with excellent device characteristic.

OLED Lighting

OLEDs can also be produced to emit white light. The inherent characteristics of OLEDs such as thinness, light-weight and color tunability allow novel form factors for lighting fixtures that are at the same time highly energy efficient. OVPD is able to deposit multiple layers from different materials in the same process chamber, enabling the production of white OLEDs in one chamber.

Solar Cells

Organic materials can be used for enhancing efficiency of traditional silicon solar cells. So called Perovskite materials add precious additional kWh to the output of your regular solar cell system. OVPD can handle these materials as well.