We light up large areas

Can we uniformly coat an area of six square meters with organic materials in two minutes? Yes we can!

Eight million organic pixels glow in OLED televisions. One of our Gen8 production systems takes just two minutes to coat an area of around six square meters with organic materials. In this area, a customer could produce six OLED televisions or an even larger number of high-resolution, transparent displays for tablets, smartphones and smartwatches.

The basis for these applications with brilliant luminosity is our OVPD technology, which was developed and brought to market maturity in over 20 years of work by our parent company AIXTRON SE.

In October 2017, AIXTRON SE bundled its organic semiconductor business and its technological know-how in the subsidiary APEVA. At the end of October 2018, the Korean company IRUJA Co. Ltd. became a partner who not only contributes its many years of experience in automation technology, but also brings APEVA closer to the industry leaders in OLED display in the Asian markets. With parent companies from different geographies as well as industries, APEVA benefits from the best of both worlds and can create substantial value for its customers. Our deposition experts continue to optimize our core technology building blocks in Germany, while automation and handling specialists in Korea make sure that each substrate moves neatly within our OVPD system.

Our product vision to maximize our customers' benefits

Product development with our OVPD technology centers around our aim to give our customers the competitive edge required to stay ahead of their peers. By using our OVPD manufacturing equipment they are able to produce the highest quality devices at lower cost and with a smaller footprint. Additionally, due to the fundamental principle of OVPD there are no limits to scalability. What works in the product development phase, works also in mass production.