With CLOSE COUPLED SHOWERHEAD technology, the process-relevant gases are introduced into the process chamber through a water-cooled showerhead uniformly across the entire deposition area. The distance between the showerhead and the substrates is very small. CCS has been applied very successfully to the production of compound semiconductors by APEVA's parent comapny AIXTRON. APEVA is now transferring this proven high volume production technology to the world of organic semiconductors.

Key advantages of CCS

  • Proven technology
  • Ensuring high deposition uniformity on substrate
  • Process gap / chamber height constant
  • Source technology decoupled from chamber
  • Scalable Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS)

Scalabiliy - on paper and in reality

The scalability of the showerhead is more than a theoretical concept. APEVA has already produced showerheads of up to Gen8.5 that you can see also in our Organic Lab.