Short Thermal Exposure Source (STExS)

Short Thermal Exposure Sources, or STExS in short, represent a vast improvement over any currently available evaporation source in the industry. Together with the Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) principle this technology forms the core of APEVA's OVPD equipment for the deposition of organic materials. Initiated by AIXTRON and continued by APEVA, STExS has been continuously improved to provide our customers with benefits that allow a flexible, yet highly efficient production of OLED displays and other applications.

Key advantages of STExS

  • High rates of up to 50 Angstrom per second with short thermal evaporation
  • Customized solutions for conditioning of organic powder (Purity, water, particle size/shape)
  • Modular source design: Number of sources configurable to customer requirements
  • Scalable from 0.2 m x 0.2 m to 3.0 x 3.4 m substrate size
Result of rate stability tests

Developed in the lab, proven in the industry

These advantages have been developed over the years by our R&D team in Germany and tested under pilot production conditions by a large display OEM. The results were awarded with a successful final acceptance.